Entrepreneur Success Assessment

Are you going to be successful as an Entrepreneur?

How can you be sure if your Entrepreneurship abilities can help you succeed in your business?

Do you have what it takes to accelerate your success in your job as an Entrepreneur?

Entrepreneur Success Assessment measures, benchmarks and ranks your traits, behavioral tendencies, interests, and preferences as an Entrepreneur to achieve a more fulfilling, purposeful and successful entrepreneurship journey.


Its Time To Unlock Your True Potential!

Why This Assessment?

Benefits Of Assessment

It measures behavioral tendencies, interests, and preferences to proactively manage stress behavior.

Navigate through your entrepreneurship journey by identifying your key strengths, roles, and ways to further your success.

Identify the sectors and tasks that you will tend to spend time in or do it more often reinforcing your enjoyment and improvement.

Unearth potential derailers & turn them into strengths to unleash the true potential.

Deliverables of This Assessment

Comprehensive Success Analysis

Your entrepreneur qualities, traits and behaviors are measured on a 2 to 10 scale with your strongest preference and tendency being 10 and your lowest preference and tendency being 2.

Your reliability percentage is assessed indicating that your answers were truthful, self-aware, and to ensure that you were paying attention.

Essential, desirable and traits to avoid are highlighted indicating job satisfaction and success levels in your respective job as an entrepreneur.

The overall score benchmarks your entrepreneurship with thousands of other successful ones to unlock your success traits and behaviors holding you back.


Business Design Coach | Management Consultant | Success Routines Mentor

Amit P Nahar

APN loves empowering entrepreneurs to Design, Automate & Accelerate their Business and has dedicated over the last 20 years of his life in systematically scaling and growing thousands of organizations to manifest Joy, Purpose and Abundance on this planet.

He is not someone who simply tells what you should do, but serves as your partner, so together you are co-creating greater levels of success.

He firmly believes that you are a product of your routines and has mentored hundreds of people to unlock their true potential by planting the seed of Success.


Reinvent To Recreate Yourself!


Paradox Mastery Guide

Explore your paradoxical behaviors important for entrepreneurship and discover the level of mastery required


Your Greatest Strengths

Understand your paradoxical strengths to empower and leverage these capabilities to further entrepreneurship


Sector Suitability

Get your sector suitability score that has a greater emphasis on your interests and are responsible for a fulfilling journey


Debriefing Session

2 Hours of Live Expert Transformative De-brief Session along with detailed analysis and life turning guided processes


Career Development

Based on individual's personality and preferences, this report provides the essential development information


Business Design Planner

Physical copy of the revolutionary Business Design Planner will be couriered to support your growth path


Turn Your Derailers Into Strengths!

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Awareness about oneself is the first step of any transformation.

We invite you to take this journey with a leap of faith and see the world around you transform to a degree like never before.

It will touch you in ways you would have never imagined.

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